With the Corona virus in South Africa at the moment being a content creator has posed many difficulties. Social distancing proves very tricky when the work involves being "social" all too often confined to small spaces sharing catered food and WC's.

To outline my desired approach for the foreseeable future here are my key points:

  • I look to mostly use my own equipment which I personally sanitize and clean. No other person will be allowed to operate or touch the gear. Please contact me should you wish to inquire as to what gear I own.

  • PPE will and must be worn at all times.

  • Studios/Locations will be sanitized routinely throughout the day.

  • Covid 19 test results must be submitted by each person attending the shoot. If this is not possible I do offer a live streaming option and could stream the camera footage to anyone with a mobile phone or computer and internet.

  • a Register must be kept of all personal on location for record purposes should there be any contamination after the shoot to aid and isolate the spread of cases.

The aim is to update this list as I go along and familiarize myself with different industry approaches.

Lets stay safe. 

cobus.zen@gmail.com      Tel: 078 802 2583